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The Iditarod - Engaging Adventurers and Learners Since 1973

It is the Last Great Race...a haul from Anchorage to Nome that started in 1973 and has captivated so many people throughout time. For those of us with an adventurous spirit, we watch each year as our favorite mushers take off down 4th avenue in Anchorage, AK; cheering them on and sometimes wishing we could be the ones heading out on the trail.

I recently had the opportunity to meet Mr. Dan Seavey, an Iditarod Hall of Famer, who ran in the first event and was autographing his book "The First Great Race" at the Lakeside hotel. His book is available for purchase on his grandson's Dallas Seavey's website at

Mr. Seavey was an absolute joy to visit with as we shared our family's enthusiasm for watching the race results and tracking the mushers throughout each race. Each time this year, our school brings out the dog mushing books and our kids come home yelling "Gee" and "Haw" to our dog (pointlessly I might add). He pointed me in the direction of the Iditarod website (; this is an incredible source of learning materials for those of you looking to share in the adventure and learning opportunities with your kiddos. Both young and old can delight all of the educational resources available there to include:

  • Musher biographies

  • Checkpoint info

  • Past race statistics

  • Trail maps

  • Race photos

If you subscribe to the Iditarod site, you can also gain access to:

  • Videos

  • Live streams

  • GPS tracker

Several subscription levels are available, to include special packages for school's and educators. I highly recommend checking out the Iditarod site and use this time of year to spark that joy for learning with your kiddos; it's an excellent opportunity to incorporate learning about Alaska history, geography, and outdoor education.

Thanks for sharing your adventure with us Mr. Seavey!

Camille is president of neXus Data Solutions, LLC and has worked in the IT consulting industry for seventeen years. She has experience with web design and application development, data warehousing, and relational database development working as a business analyst, developer, database administrator, and project manager.

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