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We design applications for collecting, processing, analyzing, and disseminating data.

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What is neXus?

neXus Data Solutions, LLC is an Alaskan, woman-owned consulting company that provides the very best expertise in custom programming services offering website, application, and database design, development, and deployment.

What do we do?

We are dedicated to serving our clients by building up their businesses through the creation of innovative applications that  collect, process, analyze, and disseminate data.

Our team




With over twenty years of IT consulting experience focused on relational database, data warehousing, and web application development, Camille is neXus' President and CDW (Chief Data Wrangler). With a concentration on database and business analysis, database design and warehouse implementation, reporting and extraction, transformation, and load programming using Oracle Database, SQL, PL/SQL, and Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) tools.



Tech Lead

Our technical lead and all-around know-it-all, Bob has incomparable skills and a knack for coming up with innovative solutions.  His depth of knowledge knows no bounds as he provides services in programming in the back-end database, middleware, and user-interface alike.  He provides our clients with high-end results with building web applications in MVC and ASP.NET database applications and data warehouses using Oracle or program interfaces using Python.



Sr. Programmer Analyst

Lorelie’s specialty is developing solutions for the presentation and management of sensitive data. She is a Business Intelligence Analyst / Consultant & Database Programmer with 20 years of experience in the IT industry. Through this experience, what she most enjoys is building relationships with people to help them understand their data, to find data solutions, and to leverage that information so that they can make the best informed decisions.



Sr. Programmer Analyst

Frank loves to design and code solutions.  His passion lies in front-end development and UI design with a great wealth of knowledge in HTML/CSS/Javascript and Oracle Application Express.  He's a lifelong learner and continues to develop his skills in the Oracle back-end suite with SQL and PL/SQL and provides oversight to all front-end system development.



Sr. Programmer Analyst

Jared is creative problem solver interested in supporting biology and the oceans through well integrated data.  He brings over ten years of fisheries experience working aboard commercial fishing vessels to collect data, developing and implementing electronic monitoring programs domestically and abroad, and earning a master's in Ocean Food Systems.  Jared combines deep passion, transdisciplinary communication, and technical knowledge to build efficient solutions to wicked problems.



Programmer Analyst

Jordan is neXus's AI developer with an interest in all things Python. A rennaissance man of sorts, he's also honed his skills in Oracle Database and Application Express as he works with neXus clients on innovative reporting solutions.

What do we know?

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Our technical team is well experienced in developing applications in languages such as:






Our team is also knowledgeable of the most in-demand database management system platforms from Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server and MS Access.

Want to work with us?

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Industries we've worked on

We have experience in building small stand-alone business software, performing data conversion and visualization, as well as developing large data warehouses and reporting systems that serve our clients needs.  neXus’ highly-skilled analysts and developers have practiced in a range of industries to include:

Fisheries Management

Utility Management

Oil and Gas


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