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His Holiness, Pope Francis Speaks on Science, Technology, and Relationship

If you haven't had time during your busy week to watch Pope Francis' TED talk titled "Why the only future worth building includes everyone," I encourage you to do so. No matter your religious leanings, I'm sure most would agree that the Pope delivered an excellent message, ripe with wisdom and on a platform that reaches millions in one fell swoop. I'm a big fan of Giving us ideas and information to chew on. The Pope chose a most fabulous way to remind us that no man, or family, or country is truly an island and that the only way for us to move forward is by working together.

Pope Francis TED Talk

The Pope offers three main lessons in this talk; lessons that apply to everyone, young or old. Certainly ones to share with the kiddos:

  1. We Cannot Live in Isolation - Telling how we must work together to achieve success, building relationships with those around us. Not just a shallow "FaceBook Friend" status but meaningful relationships that are fruitful.

  2. We Need a Revolution of Kindness - Reminding us of parable of the Good Samaritan and how a single act of kindness can lead to a revolution of caring

  3. We Should Open our Eyes to Other's Needs - Caring not only for those in our inner circle and opening our eyes to the needs of everyone and everything around us.

Some of my favorite moments speak to his relation of science to the interaction of everything in this world as he said, "Even science points to an understanding of reality as a place where every element connects and interacts with everything else." Every single thing on this planet is dependent on another for survival, whether plant, animal or human, we must all work together to insure our future.

He notes, "How wonderful would it be if the growth of scientific and technological innovation would come along with more equality and social inclusion." I agree 100%. Our innovations should focus on the survival of our entire species, not just to benefit our small circles but those for all human kind. However, it seems that our social media addiction may just push us a way from one another so that our relationships are merely on the surface.

What it all boils down to is fostering relationships, meaningful relationships, with those around us to where we can see other's needs and take action to help out. We can all learn to be an example and in turn act as a light in this dark work..."This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine!"

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