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neXus Celebrates Three Years

January 19th 2017 marks three years since I embarked on this journey of entrepreneurship; three years since I sat down at my computer and applied for my business license. My hope was to build a boutique-style software company that combines a high-level of web and database expertise with excellent customer service. It also marks three years of questioning myself on my business decisions. I'm surrounded by an amazing support network that offers input and helps to drive my decision-making processes but in the end, as the single-member of my corporation, it falls to me to make the final calls. Do I invest in a certain piece of software? Do I hire a new employee? Do I seek outside investors to fund our development ideas? Do I throw in the towel and go seek out a job at Disney? The long and the short of it is, I've committed. I recently read an article in The Costco Connection, "Commit yourself to the turn" by Rhonda Abrams, that compared the decision-making process to making turns on the a skiing family, this just makes sense to me. In it, she likened our path in business to a run down the ski slopes where if we don't commit we run the risk of things flying by and getting out of control. But by committing and focusing our effort on a turn or decision, we successfully implement the needed improvements in our business. This has been an interesting and challenging journey for both my family and myself, but I find that I am, "committed to the turn."

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